In 2018 26% of women were business owners, compared to only 8% in 2017, therefore the number of women in business is increasing rapidly. This is one of the main reasons I want to pursue a career in business, so I can help to increase this percentage even more.

Since starting my degree in Business Management and Marketing three years ago I have had so many different opportunities in the industry. I have been lucky enough to complete two internships at Pearson College London in the External Relations department alongside my studies. This is where I gained skills in blog writing, social media marketing, direct mail, email marketing and so much more!

Similar to this, I also completed work experience at Sky TV. I was able to work on the Sky Atlantic social media platforms, responding to viewers and helping to put together new ideas for their social channels. I suggested ideas for Snapchat filters for the new season of the most successful show on Television – Games of Thrones to transform audiences into White Walkers. When I saw this appear on my Snapchat a few months later it was pretty cool!

Since studying business, my public speaking skills have improved vastly! My degree involves a range of assessments that include presentations so my skills have been put to the test in the last three years. However, my biggest accomplishment while studying business is reaching the ‘CIM The Pitch’ final. I had the opportunity to pitch in front of various industry experts as well as 50+ people in the audience, something I will never forget. Furthermore, the brief was also built around female empowerment so finding different marketing tools to achieve this was very interesting.

I cannot wait to enter the industry later this year, after graduating and gaining experience while studying has really helped me to know what pathway to follow. I would love to pursue a career in digital marketing focusing on social media influencers. This is a very current role and the industry is looking for younger generation to help contribute to it. My biggest aspiration would be to run my own agency for social media influencers. Therefore, if businesses were looking for influencers they could use this agency to recruitment them.

The industry is changing; women shouldn't be apprehensive about entering the business world:

"Women are now found in occupations, industries and roles previously regarded as the sole prerogative of men" - Tricia Hind Business Psychologist.

Employers are now concerned with your ability and skills regardless of your gender.