Today we sat down with Level 4 Degree Apprentice, Niamh Mulhall, to hear her story about her apprenticeship and what she does to contribute to her company.

Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Niamh Mulhall and I am a first year Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice, studying and working at Pearson College London. My job role is Data and Insight Assistant which involves various research tasks and projects for a variety of different teams within the company. I am studying Business Management here in Central London.

So what made you decide to be a degree apprentice?

I completed a Level 3 Business Management apprenticeship instead of A-Levels and I decided that I really liked the way that apprenticeships work and working whilst learning suited me, particularly as I was never great at exams. I also enjoyed learning on the job and when I discovered degree apprenticeships, I knew it was the suitable next step for me.

Do you think you are making an impact on the business as a degree apprentice? If so, how?

Yes, definitely. What I do impacts the business as the projects that I do in my job role are used throughout the company. For example, I might do a project to support the sales team or statistics that I find and produce could be used in email marketing communications for lead generation; or even business to business marketing.

What inspires you or motivates you?

I think that what inspires me is seeing other people succeeding. As a degree apprentice, it is fantastic to witness the opportunities that fellow degree apprentices get involved with. It is also great to learn from one another and motivate each other both at work and university. I think that setting goals for myself motivates me and helps me to plan out what I need to do to achieve and where I am heading.

What do you hope to do after your degree apprenticeship?

Once I graduate, I hope to progress in my career and perhaps do a Master’s Degree in a few years time. I find data really interesting so I definitely think I will remain in Data and Insight in some way. However, maybe I will test out a different industry to Higher Education.

Finally, what would you say to someone applying for an apprenticeship?

I think finding the right apprenticeship for you is so important because if you are passionate about the job role and the company that will come across in the application and interview, something that is really important to the employer and they will see that. If you apply for every job and any job, then you will not be motivated to do your best at it.