Month 9 as a degree apprentice has arguably been the most varied month yet, with all sorts of events, trainings and activities happening, both within my role and to support the wider team. Check out some of the things I have been doing...

Pearson Apprenticeship Voice Ambassador

This month, I completed my Pearson Apprentice Ambassador training in order to earn my badge and represent the apprentices working within Pearson plc, the wider company. Some of my duties and opportunities as an ambassador include:

  • coordinating apprentices
  • organising events for apprentices to voice their concerns about studies or work
  • supporting larger events within Pearson such as the Apprentice Graduation
  • attending quarterly meetings with the Apprenticeships Manager to comment on certain issues
  • join the National Apprenticeship Society to attend more senior governmental events to discuss the future of apprenticeships.

This was a very informative day and a wonderful chance to meet other apprentices studying for a huge range of different qualifications and to talk about my apprenticeship experience also.

VFX Festival

I helped the events team to register guests at the first part of the VFX Festival, named Emerging Talent. This was a two-day event where various speakers and panelists from studios came and talked to students on stands and delivered talks regarding films, adverts and sequences they had worked on. It was a great experience to learn more about Escape Studios and some of the industry partners that we have.

YAAN Talk Maiden Erleigh School

I completed my second YAAN (Young Apprentice Ambassador Network) talk at Maiden Erleigh school in Earley this month. This was a talk about degree apprenticeships and why I chose to study one. It was aimed at students from year 10-13 and their parents. The feedback from the talk was very positive, with many parents asking more questions about my experiences both during the session and afterwards.

Press Coverage

In the lead up to and during National Apprenticeship Week (4th-8th March), I have been securing topical press coverage in a few different places in order to build the Pearson College London brand and develop my personal press writing skills. Some examples of work I have done is:

University Enterprise Project

At university this month, myself and my teammates have been working particularly hard to build our business plan, ready to present in a few weeks time. This is part of the BA (Hons) Business Management degree I am working towards. The business idea itself is based on the idea that employee well-being in the workplace is something that should be taken more seriously and implemented in more ways than it is now. I won't reveal how, perhaps you'll see in the future.

We have been working on getting social media platforms set up, sorting out finances and profitability, competitor analysis, macro-environmental analysis (PESTLE, SWOT, Porter's 5 Forces) and logo design, to name a few!

Not another marketing conference

Finally, I attended a conference called 'Not another marketing conference' in Maida Vale, London. The focus was content creation; everything from video content to social media to website design. Experts in their fields shared their own personal experiences of content creation, whilst also providing tips and tricks for us to take back to our own roles. The conference provided some really interesting facts and points about content strategy that I have reported back to the team to be utilised in the future.

And, we were supplied with popcorn, pastries, milkshakes, tea, coffee, pizza, hotdogs and flatbread, so it was a day well spent!