Internship Opportunities

Since studying at Pearson College London, I have been lucky enough to be offered two internships within Marketing department at the college. My first internship was within the Communications, PR and Content team last summer. I gained a vast amount of experience in social media marketing and learnt how to use platforms like Hootsuite and Ghost. Additionally, I created a social media influencer strategy for the college, which helped to boost my CV with a range of skills. My second internship was within the Conversion team: this helped me gain skills in blogging, direct mail, email marketing and Salesforce (a Customer Relationship Management system). I am lucky to have gained experience in two areas of marketing as this will then help to shape my career in the future.

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Industry Days

Another great way Pearson College London offers industry experience is through industry days. This is where students can gain experience from industry experts first-hand. For example, I always remember my first industry day at Pearson College London being held by Brain Woolrich from Metro Bank. He spoke about being a Regional Area Director and how Metro Bank were able to differentiate themselves in the competitive Banking market. In addition, we were able to ask questions and take part in a workshop. It was such a great insight into the industry helping us for our future career.

The Pitch competition at CIM

I feel my biggest industry experience since studying at Pearson College London was The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s ‘The Pitch’. In February this year, myself and two peers were lucky enough to be one of the ten teams to reach the ‘CIM The Pitch’ final. The Pitch was sponsored by one of the leading sun protection providers Hawaiian Tropic and we had to come up with a solution for the brand to help empower women to feel protected in the sun. Consequently, we had the opportunity to pitch in front of various industry experts. The panel of judges had worked at places like Mintel, Lidl, Ella’s Kitchen, Unidays and many more.

The experience was amazing and getting the chance to pitch in front of 50+ people is something we will never forget, as this was a first for all of us. The tutors at Pearson College London really helped and supported us along the way - we couldn't have done it without them.


Overall, Pearson College London’s access to industry connects means we can get a head start when applying for jobs. This is because, due to these unique experiences, we can stand out from the crowd from students applying from mainstream university.