So you took your first step and applied to study with us - congratulations! Now the hard work is over, it’s time to take a look at your options and start thinking about what institutions you’d like to make as your firm and insurance choices, as well as organising your student finance and accommodation. That’s why we’ve organised a Post-Offer Applicant Day to give you a helping hand.


What to expect on the day?

The schedule for the day will run as follows:

  • Welcome Talk
  • Student Life Talk (including finance, accommodation, PCSA and part-time work)
  • Taster Sessions
  • Closing Talk
  • Lunch
  • Open Top Bus Tour or Accommodation Tour

Tip number 1: Plan your journey

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the days activities and plan your journey in advance. If you’re new to Central London, we recommend downloading CityMapper as a great way to direct you to our Midtown Campus.

After the main events, you’ll get the chance to either explore London further by joining us for an Open Top Bus Tour, or by exploring potential accommodation options.

Tip number 2: Find out about your course

Research further into your course by taking a look at our course brochures and Prospectuses (you can find our Pearson Business School courses and our Escape Studios courses on our website).

We recommend doing this so that you can make a list of any potential questions you may have about studying with us come September. If your questions can’t wait, our applicant advisors are available to contact via phone / livechat and email Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm.

Tip number 3: Get your thinking cap on!

During the day we’ll be running a mini 1 hour long taster session so that you can really get a feel for what studying with us could be like. If you’re feeling keen, make sure to bring a notepad and pen to make any notes about the topics you’ll be studying in September.



What is the purpose of the Post-Offer Applicant Day?
The purpose of the day is to give you a little bit more information about us and to give you a feel of what studying with us could be like. It is not a form of assessment day, so we’ll keep it fun!

What do I need to bring with me on the day?
On the day you will need to bring a copy of your offer holder email (this can either be on your phone or printed off). You may also want to bring a notepad and pen to write down any questions, or to take notes during the taster session.

Can I do the Open Top Bus Tour and the Accommodation Tour?
No - unfortunately you can only do one or the other as both events will be running parallel to each other. If you want to visit Tufnell House at a different time or day however you can give them a call or email them to arrange this.

What is a firm and insurance choice?
Your firm choice is your top choice that you wish to study at come September. Your insurance choice is your second (back-up option). Please note that once you’ve made your firm and insurance choices, any other offers will be declined.

When will I need to decide on my firm and insurance choices?
You will need to make your decision depending on when you were given your offers. To find out your deadline, visit the UCAS website.

Can I bring family and friends to the Applicant Day?
Yes, family and friends are more than welcome to come along, however please note that you can only bring a maximum of 2 guests per person.

To book your place, visit our website: