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My experience at a Business Management Taster Day

Bradley Jones

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My name is Bradley Jones and I am now in my third year at Pearson College London studying Business Management. I initially applied to multiple taster days as this was a University that I hadn’t heard much about, but it interested me so I wanted to find out more. I signed up and was sent an email to visit their campus and to experience what it would be like to study at the College.


What happened on the day?

The day started off with a brief welcoming talk from the Dean of the Business School, Will Holt. He explained about his background in Accounting and how he ended up doing what he does. This was really interesting for me as I managed to find out more about the College itself and what it offered (e.g. guaranteed internships, industry days and TEF silver teaching standards). Following on from this we were given a lecture and seminar. This was in the same style as the way it is taught at the College and so gave a good opportunity to experience what it would be like to study at Pearson Business School. It involved us doing some group tasks and thinking about things in our table groups. We also got to work on a mini project which we then had to pitch back to the lecturer and the rest of the class.

I love Taster Days as it allows you the opportunity to see the differences between other Universities and to see what style of teaching you prefer compared to others. It also means that you are able to make sure that you are able to make a decision on what you think of the atmosphere of the uni as well. There are also members of staff, lecturers, and students available to have a chat with. You’ll be able to get an insight of what it is like to be on that particular course and ask any questions you have.


Why I chose Pearson Business School

Pearson College London is a very different style of uni. It doesn’t offer a massive campus with huge lecture halls. The lecture sizes are more like classroom sizes and the lecturers know your name. You are encouraged to challenge the lecturers and have a good debate about topics. They also are very industry focused, so instead of reading from an outdated textbook they bring in guest lecturers and lots of industry speakers and mean that you are able to be learning things that are up to date, current issues and relevant to the workplace of tomorrow and today. I only knew that and only discovered what that felt like by turning up to a Taster Day and is one of the best reasons why I truly recommend them!

There was so many things I enjoyed from attending the Taster Day. I loved meeting my potential new class mates. Everyone was really friendly and it meant that I could see how well I would fit in to the life of a University student. Meeting the tutors was also really good as I was able to find out more about the course, how they teach and what I can expect. Finding out about the recorded lectures, the classrooms being fitted with whiteboard walls to encourage group work and to help with revision and the use of small private study rooms really helped me to be able to picture myself fitting in well at Pearson Business School. The experience was truly rewarding and it is something I feel everyone should do to ensure they are making the most informed choice possible.


Click here for more information, or to book a space onto our next Taster Day.

My experience at a Business Management Taster Day
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