It may sound cliché, but studying and revising is something that we all do in different ways. Regardless of the way you learn, the environment in which you learn and are most productive will again vary depending on your ‘style of learning’.

For some people, the library is the best place to study as they need silence to focus. However, studying in the library can be intimidating. The requirement for silence, other students typing and, working at different speeds and sometimes the lack of space can all be factors detrimental to productive study. Therefore, we have come up with some alternative locations for you to consider.

1. In a cafe

In London specifically, there are so many cafes that you could study in, you’re spoilt for choice. Right next to Pearson College London is The Hoxton, a lively café that many students and professionals use daily. There are so many more spanning across London and can be a nice change of scenery to a library.

2. At home

Whether it’s in halls or at home, this can be a good place for independent study, provided that no one is partying nearby. Some people need an independent environment to get things done so working at home with the comforts of food and drinks can be a great place to increase productivity and study well.

3. In a breakout space

Most universities, such as Pearson College London, have a breakout space which can be used in a more collaborative way to study as there are grouped tables, sofas and booths. See campus.

There are also silent study areas and classrooms that can be used to study when they are not being used for teaching purposes. The breakout spaces are a more casual way of studying, with access to both tutors and refreshments. What more could you want?

4. In the park

Perhaps not in the snow, but during the warmer days, the park is a really nice place to relax and also to study as there is lots of space to spread out. You can put your earphones in to block out the noise and focus on whatever assignment or project it is that you have been asked to complete. If you are an apprentice, you could sit and study in the park during a lunch break or after work.

photo of people sitting on bench in park
Photo by Srecko Skrobic / Unsplash

5. During your commute

If you’re studying in London, one of the best places to catch up on reading is on the commute – especially if you have a longer one. Due to the noise, the tube might not always be the best place to write essays, but reading can easily be done on public transport. If you have a long commute, this is valuable time in your day that you could use to complete work. So use it!

6. A study partner's house

Quite often, you will have group projects and presentations that will need to be submitted as part of a module. I know a lot of people don’t really like group work as it can be difficult to resolve conflict and work with people that you wouldn’t normally. However, throughout your life there will always be people that you work with that you may not like or socialise with. But, you have to get on with it. Build networks and ensure that you put the effort in with group tasks by creating study groups to make sure everyone contributes.
three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

There really are alternatives to the library and there’s no right or wrong answer. Try out some of the suggestions and see what works for you. If the library works better, then use it!

If you have any other places that you like to study, comment in the discussion section below. For more information about Pearson College London and our courses, visit the website.