Jericho is a 3rd year VFX short film, in which a lonely robot searches for pieces to build a friend...

Jericho - VFX Short Film from Matthew Wight on Vimeo.

Matthew Wight, Escape Studios student, was a compositor working on this short film doing CG comp and prep / clean up work as well as producing the project.

With original music by Alexandra Harwood.

Huge thanks to everyone who worked on this project!

Director/Story- Sarah Andrews
AD/Animation Lead- Aaron Hopwood

Producer- Matthew Wight

Editorial- Daniel Dutton
Sound design- Aaron Hopwood

3D Leads- Callum Walters & Piraveen Satkunam
2D Lead- Allan Dias Marques

3D Artists- Corey Birch, Ellen Menenes, Harrison Workman
2D Artists- Matthew Wight, Caitlin Twist
Animators- Sarah Andrews, Velvet Brandon, Daniel Dutton

Jericho model by Piraveen Satkunam
Robot Model by Harrison Workman
Rigged by Aaron Hopwood

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