Our BRAND NEW Degree Apprenticeship Discovery Day is a brilliant opportunity to kick-start your career with a Degree Apprenticeship...

It is a day to get some inside knowledge on what to expect and how to be successful when applying for a Degree Apprenticeship.

WHEN? - Wednesday 6th March
TIME? - 2pm-5pm
WHERE? - Pearson College London, 190 High Holborn, Holborn, London, WC1V 7BH


What will you do?

  • Explore our campus - We're based in the heart of London's business district - Midtown. Surrounded by global businesses and tech start-ups, if you’re successful in your future Degree Apprentice applications you'll study within a FTSE 100 company.
  • Find out what it takes to make it as a Degree Apprentice - You’ll learn about what to expect at a professional workshop, interview skills - the do's and don'ts and tips on what makes a good application.
  • Meet our successful Degree Apprentices - Hear from trailblazing DA's, who've gone on to achieve ambitious careers. Talk with them face-to-face to find out what it takes to get ahead when applying for a Degree Apprenticeship.
  • Learn more about working and studying in London - Degree Apprenticeship Discovery Days are the perfect opportunity to speak with current Degree Apprentice's and find all the answers to your burning questions.

So what does it actually involve?

1. A welcome talk - this is your chance to discover what a Degree Apprenticeship actually is, what a typical week would look like as a Degree Apprentice, AND how you might go about applying for one of our trailblazing programmes.

2. About the degree - this part of the day looks at the modules of the Business Management Degree that you will study as a Degree Apprentice in more detail. You will look at time management techniques and how to implement them as a Degree Apprentice; and you will explore what a typical day at university might look like.

3. An Application Preparation Session - this session will examine how best to stand out and submit a really good online application. You will discover the initial research that you should be doing about a company and the best ways you can find this information. Finally, this session should help you to determine whether you would be the right fit for a Degree Apprenticeship programme, or whether you might be better suited to one of our traditional Business Management Degrees.

4. Professional Workshop Preparation Session - as a part of all Degree Apprentice application processes, you will be required to pass a professional workshop, which includes a few activities to test your skills. This session will tell you some interview do’s & don’ts and also what to expect at a professional workshop, including completing a group exercise activity that will simulate the real thing!

5. Degree Apprenticeship Panel - this will give you a chance to question current Degree Apprentices about anything: how they manage their workload, what support they get, maintaining a work/life balance and what they like most/least about their programmes. There will also be Degree Apprenticeship employers present to talk about their experiences of employing apprentices and what qualities they look out for.

During preparation sessions there will be a separate talk for any Parents and Teachers in attendance.