Student Conferences are a way to hear from experienced professional people as well as influential companies. This helps students at Pearson Business School to gain insight and have more of an understanding of the business world and different perspectives on it.

We have many industry partners such as Nationwide, Unilever, Direct Line group, Savills, IBM, BT, Kantar Consulting and many more. Our partners also have input into the actual delivery of modules so we are getting up to date learning everyday.

The opportunities that you can gain from Student Conferences are very good, for example it can lead to gaining an internship from one of our industry partners or perhaps being mentored by them (see Sam's blog on what it's like to be mentored by the CEO of a FTSE 100 company). You can also gain insight into a field of study you haven’t thought of as a career option which can help diversify your options.


A time when I was able to gain from a Student Conference immensely was when Levi Roots visited our Careers Festival and told us all about his journey into entrepreneurship and the struggles and triumphs he had along the way. This personally was amazing because it gave me insight into how I can adapt throughout managing my own business and I was able to ask questions which have assisted me right up to today.

Another benefit of Student Conferences is that the topic on CV's never goes unheard. At Pearson Business School, getting our CV’s CV Gold is top priority because it is essentially a passport to show your potential boss you at your best. This gets you ready for the world of work and able to step out with the right foot first.


A great way to get the most out of Student Conferences is to come prepared. Here are a list of things you can bring in order to be fully prepared:

  1. Your CV. There may be an opportunity to modify it or even give it to a potential company you would like to work for. I had the pleasure of connecting with Levi Roots on LinkedIn just by asking him a couple of questions.
  2. Come with a couple of questions to ask so you can gain more insight into the topic. By teaching this useful skill I was able to meet the Head of marketing at Google at an external event and also ask some questions that helped me a lot in my essays and exams.
  3. Come with a positive attitude because you never know what opportunities you can gain from a student conference. For example I got a mentor who specialised in marketing and entrepreneurship. This helped me a lot because I was able to spend six months gaining valuable knowledge on the marketing and entrepreneurship industry and how I can tackle problems head on.