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Every year, students who meet our eligibility criteria complete a guaranteed internship over the summer between their second and third year. It's a great opportunity to explore careers you like, learn what you don't like and to build your CV - ready for when you graduate.

Today we hear from Tyler who did his Guaranteed Internship last summer.
Course being studied: LLB
Current year: Third year

Did you have to interview for it and what was the process like?

I was lucky enough to be offered an internship with Pearson PLC without requiring an interview (thanks to the Pearson College London Guaranteed Internship scheme). Within a week and a couple of emails everything was confirmed!

What projects did you get to work on?

I worked on a number of projects which concerned the company globally including; Italy, Sri Lanka, England and Dubai. I underwent a lot of research, particularly drafting and creating contracts between companies which would then later be used in a commercial context.

How long was it for?

The internship lasted for 3 weeks, the hours were very generous and was roughly 9:30-5:00, however sometimes I would stay later to finish off a part of a project me and a colleague were working on.

What did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed how I was able to work on genuine matters which would then be used. The work was treated professionally and that gave me a great sense of excitement for being involved in that. I was able to manage my tasks and time which, for me, was a great flexible way of working. I also joined in on meetings to get a better understanding of the matters at hand.

What skills has it given you?

I see the commercial world a lot differently, and I think that is really important as I have been exposed to how beneficial commercial awarenesses is in the legal industry. Of course there is contract drafting, which is a skill which takes a lot of concentration and organisation, however, the practical application of legal studies to the workplace has been incredibly beneficial.

Find out more about our Guaranteed Internship scheme here.

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