When it comes to doing an apprenticeship, time management is the most important element. This means that whereas weekends do need to be used to relax and rejuvenate, they also need to be used wisely to ensure you get everything done!

It is a matter of personal preference whether you want to use weekends to study or socialise. Some students have long commutes into work/ university and use their time on the train to study so that weekends are free for leisure...

"It is important to make the most of weekends as a degree apprentice, so I try to complete most of my studying and preparation during the week then I can relax and socialise at weekends" - Niamh Mulhall, Degree Apprentice at Pearson College London

If you are going to use weekends to study, there are three main pieces of advice:

1. Prioritise
Make a list of all the things that you need to do in terms of study and the deadlines for these things. It may seem obvious, but prioritising in a way that best suits you will really help productivity. The best way to prioritise is by deadline as this ensures that everything is in on time. However, some people prefer to do everything thing for one module first and then move onto the other. Making a to-do list is often the best way to evaluate the number of tasks that require completion and then ordering them in the most efficient way.
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2. Avoid work emails
When you start a new job, you want to impress. Therefore, it becomes very easy to read and respond to emails on the weekend or do little tasks that could be too time consuming in the week. STOP! Part of time management in an apprenticeship involves using time for different things. Work time is for work! It is different in future careers as working weekends might be something you have to do but when studying as well, you don't have the time to be doing all the extra work. Use your study time o study!

3. Variation
Studying at the weekend can become boring and it can be very easy to get distracted... A way to aid this is to vary it! This can mean a variety of things:

  • Vary the topics that you study.
  • Vary the order in which you complete the to-do list to see what works best.
  • Vary the way in which you learn: taking notes, watching videos, reading, etc.
  • Vary the day by taking breaks and revising/ studying little and often.
  • Vary the independent studying by studying with friends.

There are so many ways that you can alter the way that you are using your study time at weekends in order to make it that little bit more interesting.
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It is also important to make sure that you are getting that social life that you desire and maintaining any sports commitments that you may have in order to keep your mental health happy!

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