Our MA in Business and Management (MBM) is the perfect Masters programme for those looking towards senior leadership roles and getting ahead in business. But what is an MBM, and how is it different (or not) to an MBA? There's more than just a letter to it.

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Firstly, how is it similar?
Our MA in Business and Management (MBM) is similar to the typical MBA in that it enables those with some professional experience to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for senior leadership and management roles.

Modules cover purposeful leadership, digital transformation, technology, strategy, and other contemporary themes. It has been developed for entrepreneurs and working professionals who want to forge their own path and get ahead in a modern business world.

A difference in the timing
Many MBA programmes offer full and part-time options ranging from 12-24 months in length, offering you a stark choice. If you go for the full-time option - which can be intensive and highly demanding - you're likely to need to put your career on hold while you study. If you wish to maintain your employment as much as possible, you can opt for part-time study which can mean your programme will take up to 2 years to complete.

Our MBM is different as it has been designed with the working professional in mind, allowing the learner to remain in full-time employment and complete the course in just 15 months, through a system of block teaching. Course content is delivered in compact teaching blocks of 1-3 days, at the start and the end of each 4-6 week long module, adding up to a total of just 27 teaching days in the 15-month course.

Not your traditional University experience
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Pearson College London, a part of Pearson, is the UK's only higher education provider to be part of a FTSE 100 company - so we certainly stand out from the crowd of higher education providers, particularly in London. With over 50 connections to industry, ranging from global leaders such as IBM and Santander to start ups and SMEs, these partners work with us to design, develop and deliver our degree programmes.

We are a boutique institution and as such are able to offer competitive pricing on our programmes, as well as smaller class sizes and an open-door policy, allowing for personalised and adaptable learning.

Students are also eligible to receive a partial waiver on their tuition fees, following successful completion of a postgraduate Advanced Workshop.

A programme immersed in industry
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From our background in a FTSE 100 to our campus location on High Holborn in the heart of London, our courses come heavily influnced by industry.

The College was born out of a desire to create a stronger link between higher education and employability, and with our wide background in education and big business, we're perfectly placed to do just that.

Our MBM programme has been designed in collaboration with some of our industry partners from Crimson Hexagon and Braingraph to ensure that the course is informed by real-world industry. Rather than focusing on theory and external case studies, projects and assessments on the MBM are all designed to be based around work. They take inspiration from and have real impacts upon challenges faced in the learner's current workplace, adding value to the organisation and meaning employers can directly benefit from the course from the very start. Our tutors are all experienced industry professionals with backgrounds in coaching, management, marketing, consultancy and more.

Finally, all MBM students are entitled to exclusive access to events led by our Centre for Industry Engagement (CIE). These events allow students to network with industry panel speakers, and get involved in the discussion on issues in education and business.

To find out more about our MBM, get in touch with an Applicant Advisor or visit our website:

Email: postgraduate@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk
Web: www.pearsonbusinessschool.ac.uk/mbm