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What happens if I miss the UCAS deadline?

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Missing the UCAS deadline (on 6pm on 15th January) does not mean that your chances of going to university in September are over. There’s still options available! Here’s what you need to do and how you can still be off to university come September:


Option 1: Make a late application

UCAS still process applications even after the deadline on 15th January, and will do so until the end of June. However, universities and colleges do not necessarily have to process your application, or give equal consideration to your application. It also means if the course you’ve applied for is full, you may not be considered.

This is the recommended option if you are applying to Escape Studios, as you'll then be able to choose a later date to attend a Creative Workshop should you need more time to prepare your portfolio.

How can I do this? If you’re thinking of making a late application, don’t worry about having to follow a whole new process. You will still be able to complete your UCAS application and personal statement and submit it as normal.

Option 2: Wait until UCAS Clearing

There’s always the option of waiting until the summer and applying through UCAS Clearing - which runs from 5th July until 21st October. UCAS Clearing is primarily used by students who didn’t achieve their predicted A-Level/BTEC grades but luckily for you, it’s also another way to apply if you’ve missed the other UCAS deadlines. However - please note that places are given out on a first-come-first-served basis and not all institutions will be listed on UCAS during Clearing.

How can I do this? Use your UCAS personal ID number to log onto UCAS track. If you didn’t meet the conditions of your offer(s), or haven’t received any offers, your track screen will tell you that you are in clearing (this is also where you’ll find your clearing number). You will then be able to search on UCAS for different places available. Read our blog to find out more about Clearing.


Other options...

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is another service available to students via UCAS but it works slightly differently. This service is only available if you have used up all five choices in your UCAS application and haven’t received any offers / or if you did receive offers but have declined them all. UCAS Extra opens on 25th February until 4th July.

How can I do this? The UCAS Extra process is fairly similar to clearing - you will need to go onto UCAS track and search under ‘vacancies’ to find any available courses. The university / college will consider your application may give you an offer. If you still haven’t received an offer, you can apply for as many courses as you wish though extra.

Degree Apprenticeship Applications

If you end up missing the UCAS application dates, you can always apply for a Degree Apprenticeship as these applications are managed separately to UCAS and open at different points throughout the year. With us for example, applications usually open in the Spring time and sometimes during the late summer for a September start. We highly recommend keeping your options open and applying for Degree Apprenticeships alongside applying for places at university / college though.


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What happens if I miss the UCAS deadline?
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