Congratulations on receiving your offer to study at Pearson College London. However, it is not time to relax just yet, as there is still a lot of preparation before results day! Here is a guide on the next steps to take after receiving your offer.

Focus on Your Exams
If you are still undertaking your A-level exams, prioritise them first. Although you hold an offer, it is still important to do well on your exams and not get too carried away with making decisions on where to go or researching the steps we've outlined below.

Attending a Professional Workshop (Pearson Business School only)
It is a good idea to attend one of our Professional Workshops after receiving your offer, as you will get a better understanding of what you course will entail, as well as giving you the opportunity to:

  • Be granted a partial tuition fee waiver (£1,000) so you can save money on your university fees
  • Automatically be considered for one of our scholarships
  • Gain valuable experience of completing a graduate scheme assessment day - something that will come in very handy in a few years' time!
  • Meet other potential students on your course
  • Get to know your tutors

Responding to Your Offer

After having attended various open days and taster days, you should have started getting an idea on which institution best suits you. After you have received all your offer(s) which is usually in April/May, you will then need to decide on your firm choice (the university or College you most want to study at) and your insurance choice (a back-up option if you fall short of your predicted grades for the firm choice). It is recommended that the entry requirements for your insurance choice are lower than your firm choice. UCAS will send you a reminder of when you need to do this (so be sure not to miss it or UCAS will automatically reject your offers for you).


Student Accommodation

When you have a break from revision, it’s a good idea to start looking into accommodation. Being based within Pearson Plc offices means we don’t have our own halls of residence, but Tufnell House is a Pearson College London favourite. You can also view other student hall options here.

We've also recently parntered with the Univerisity of London Housing Service to give students some more options.

How can the ULHS assist Pearson College London students?

Helping you find accommodation
The ULHS have registration schemes for private landlords, letting agents, private halls and other providers of private accommodation for students. These accommodation providers advertise their properties and rooms on the ULHS online property database.

Contract checking
Before signing contracts for private accommodation, students can ask one of the Housing Advice Team for assistance. They will give you guidance on what to look out for and to do when you are renting privately and check the contract for unfair clauses, which may cause you problems in your accommodation.

Legal Advice
The Housing Advice Team is dedicated to supporting students who experience problems in private accommodation and offers advice on a range of issues including deposit disputes, disrepair and problems with letting agents.

Where to start?
Check out the Housing Guide section on the ULHS website and if you have any questions about finding private accommodation in London, get in touch:


t: 0207 862 8880

With accommodation, it’s important to consider if you want to live close to the campus or if you don’t mind commuting, how much you can afford to pay and also if living in halls is for you. You may choose to commute to Pearson College London from home - and around 50% of our cohort do this too. Your choice of accommodation will be important when applying for your maintenance loan, so bear this in mind.

Student Finance

When you’ve decided on where you want to study, the next step is to make sure you meet the student finance deadlines for your loan to arrive on time (the deadline to apply is 25th May 2019). Information about tuition loans and maintenance loans can be found on the Government website.

woman wearing white jacket using laptop computer
Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Fact or Myth?

You can’t get a maintenance loan if you’re living at home: MYTH
Even if you decide to commute into Pearson College London from home, you are still eligible to apply for a maintenance loan! The amount will be slightly less, however you can use this money to cover any train / bus fares.

Everyone gets the same amount of maintenance loan: MYTH
The sum of your maintenance loan depends on a range of different things, including your household income, whether you’re living at home, or moving into student accommodation and where in the country you’ll be living. To calculate how much you could receive on your maintenance loan, click here.

Tuition fee loans gets paid directly to the institution rather than to the student: FACT
To avoid confusion and delays, your tuition fee loan is paid straight to your university or College, whilst your maintenance loan will be paid directly to you in 3 installments over the year.

You have to start paying back your student loan as soon as you finish the course: MYTH
Student loans only start being repaid in the April after you graduate and only when you’re earning over £25,000 per year. Interest is not added to your loan, until you make your first repayment (and then interest will be 3.1%). If your income falls below £25,000, repayments will stop.