At the end of last year Escape Studios promoted an Unreal Training day for
the London VFX industry artists.

One-Day Primer for Technical Artists

Unreal6Assisted by Simon Fenton and Christian Avigni, the Epic Games' artist Marien El Alaoui gave an introductory level workshop about Unreal Engine, covering topics like importing assets, working with meshes, materials, lighting, optimization, blueprints visual scripting and deployment.

Intermediate Techniques for Animation and Cinematics

Unreal4The other workshop was delivered by technical Artist David Hibbitts, who explained how to integrate Unreal Engine into their animation workflows. Animators and technical artists learned how to preview an animation / motion capture in real time inside Unreal Engine, with the help of Juriaan van Linschoten and Michael Davies, who kindly volunteered to wear the mocap suit!

Many thanks to Epic Games and everyone that made this amazing day possible.