Yay! I made it into 2019 after a wonderful Christmas break with no work or study in sight, a perfect way to end a busy year but I also got a slap in the face from reality once it was all over!

This months blog is a short edition as I was away for Christmas and New Year half way across the world in Australia and New Zealand.

Month seven consisted mostly of Christmas cheer; however, it was deadline season for me. I had reports due for both modules, the Principles of Business and Introduction to Research project. Even though it was hard, I completed it on time and now I have the anxious wait for results.

Being away over Christmas also meant that a lot of work needed to be done before I left such as end of year reviews and reports.

I also had an exam for Principles of Business in December, two days after the coursework deadline, another added pressure of the degree apprenticeship scheme. It was very rewarding to know that everything was completed on time and that I studied the best I could for the exam.

In terms of work, the Christmas period isn't the busiest but it was fun to do something different such as scheduling Christmas-themed social media with fun pictures and moving images on Twitter.

I hope that I will have a lot more to share after month 8, but for now, Happy New Year!