What makes Pearson College London different from other universities and colleges is our strong links to industry. This enables our students to get real-world experience to compliment what they are learning in their degree to improve employability after graduating (check out what some of our Alumni have been getting up to).

So how do we do this?

1. Industry Workshops

At Pearson Business School we make sure that classroom is connected to industry. Through our partnerships with top brands, we deliver industry workshops and challenges throughout the year. For example, in the first week that our 2018 cohort started their degree, we ran a Vodafone Challenge, where students were asked to come up with a new marketing campaign for one of their SMART technology products. Some of the other challenges have included:

2. Student Conferences (previously known as Industry days)

As well as getting some hands on learning from our industry partners, we also get other businesses, leaders and individuals to visit us to deliver talks, presentations and Q&A sessions. This helps to give our students a real insight into how multinational and SME companies operate first hand from the experts themselves (plus, it also helps build up an amazingly interesting CV!) Some of the industry days we have held recently are:


3. Taught by industry experts

Hearing from industry experts doesn’t just stop at industry workshops and days, as our tutors also have expert skills and knowledge from having worked in the industry themselves.

For example, Will Holt, the Dean of Pearson Business School also teaches Accounting, and before getting into teaching, he worked as a Chartered Accountant. John Clifford, the Head of Law, specialises in medical law, tort law, and public law. Dr David Atkinson, one of our Business School Tutors, previously worked as a Strategic Marketing Director, and also holds Chartered Marketing status.
These are just a few examples of the expert fields that our tutors have worked in, and you can view the profiles of all of our tutors here.

4. Business Incubator (Mammalo)

We know that creating a start-up business in Central London can be a challenge, and we also know how important it is for our students to gain real world experience before they graduate. We therefore created a solution, by offering a start-up business a space in our campus (for free), in return to help our students gain real business knowledge.

Mammalo has recently taken the position in our business incubator by two of our graduates, but how do they help current students? Someone studying entrepreneurship can use them to gain insightful knowledge for their own business endeavours, a student studying accounting can help Mammalo with their accounts and finances and law students can aid them with any legal difficulties. The possibilities go on and on, making it an exciting opportunity for students.


5. Trips

When our students are not busy studying in our classrooms, they are out discovering the workplace through fun and engaging trips.Here are just a few examples of how traveling to different places has helped our students to gain real world experience:

6. Being taught within a FTSE 100 company

We're the UK's only FTSE 100 business school offering degrees in Business Management, Accounting and Law. This means we are immersed in industry and exercise the benefits that are available as a result of our outstanding industry partners.
In fact, one of our Degree Apprentices are being mentored by the CEO of Pearson, John Fallon. Read his blog to find out what it’s like to be mentored by a FTSE 100 CEO.


7. Enactus

Enactus is a student led organisation built of a community of students academics and socially responsible corporate businesses. They work together in order to practice contemporary entrepreneurship to tackle global social issues. The society first started at Pearson Business School last year, however it was established in 1975, and spreads over 36 countries.

This helps our students to gain real world experience by having the opportunity to work for Enactus and gain invaluable interpersonal skills and knowledge from their business partners (such as Amazon, HSBC, Tesco, and Unilever - to name but a few!). Check out their video to find out more.

8. Report-style coursework

At Pearson Business School, we teach students in a way that prepares them for the real working world. Assessments are more focused around report style writing and giving presentations, which employers are more likely to ask for over an essay.


9. Guaranteed Internships

Subject to meeting our eligibility requirements, our students are guaranteed an internship, which will usually take place in the summer of your second year. However, we welcome any opportunity that arises, so if this happens earlier / later, we will be happy to accommodate your career progression.

Lola Rutter was one of the students who interned in the Pearson College London external relations team for six weeks this year. She worked within the communications and content team, helping to write blogs and work in other aspects of Pearson Business School and Escape Studios social media pages.

10. Offering the Professional Pathway

We also offer a Professional Pathway, where successful applicants are able to work from Monday - Thursday with an employer of their choice, and study BA (Hons) Business Management on Fridays. This enables students to gain invaluable experience as they will not only graduate with a BA (Hons) degree, but will also have 3 years of work experience under their belt.
Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Take a look at our Professional Pathway.