Whilst I was studying at my secondary school I wanted to study Business because it could give me the skills to get an ‘Office Job’ and there was a lot of uncertainty regarding which career path I wanted to get in to. It wasn’t easy deciding which function I wanted to get into because I enjoyed a lot of aspects of marketing, finance, production, human resources, operations etc. However, it was only when I came to Pearson College London that I had more of an idea of what I wanted to do.

I decided on going to Pearson College London because I wanted to do something different and wanted to get a degree at a unique institution which is close to me. I opted against going to a conventional university as I wanted to experience something that has a great vision and values. John Fallon, the CEO of Pearson, describes it as “one of the most exciting areas of the company”, and this innovative scheme in a FTSE 100 company makes it so intriguing.

"One of the most exciting areas of the company"

- John Fallon, on Pearson College London

One word that springs to mind when I think about Pearson Business School is opportunities, whether it be opportunities to attend workshops, industry days, networking events and guest lectures. During the induction week I was able to attend a few workshops with companies such as Royal Mail and Pearson where we were set tasks in groups related to contemporary issues. The amount of industry partners Pearson have are endless, with companies such as Unilever, IBM, Direct Line, TFL and the list goes on. This means that there are so many opportunities for Industry Days and talks from individuals such as the CEOs and management team members. These events bring many advantages for students for building their personal brand by networking with professionals. This can provide excellent chances to find internships or workplace opportunities. Pearson Business School provides guaranteed internships to students, based on attendance and academic performance. This can be so beneficial especially for Business students because employers want graduates to have experience, as well as a degree.

Studying Business also enabled me to develop my skills and help me with my professional portfolio. Talent development is important at Pearson Business School and they have a helpful team who have sessions to help you improve your employ ability skills and bolster your CV to enable you to stand-out. This helped me to build a professional portfolio which would help me for getting a job after graduation. Business is a topic I enjoy learning about so I wanted to study Business Management to get a career managing a function. My course is ‘Business Management’ and I chose to do the direct course without a specific pathway for a couple of reasons. The main reason being I wanted to have flexibility in choosing modules I was interested in and didn’t want to be confined to choosing modules related to just marketing, law, finance etc.


During my first year... I studied Principles of Business, Economics and Research. Principles of Business is a compulsory module and it was an introductory module to teach students about the basics of each business function and then in the second semester we had to apply the theory to our group projects which were charitable initiatives. I chose the research module to complete a project that I would find interesting and my project related to an industry I was interested in; travel and tourism. For my second semester, I chose international business and industry studies. Both were very enjoyable and enabled me to learn about global issues.

During my second year... I studied some marketing modules such as strategic marketing and sales management, contract law module, operations and project management module, people management and leadership module as well as business ethics and self-managed learning. Self-managed learning was a great topic because its an independent learning module so there is a lot of freedom to choose what you want to learn about.

For my final year... I am studying strategy and innovation as well as an entrepreneurship module where I have to create a report on my business and get support with managing my business.


I thoroughly enjoy the course that I chose and believe that it has helped me with my personal and professional development and the fact that I am able to get experience in a rapidly-paced industry is so beneficial and advantageous.

- Craig Coutinho (3rd year Business Management student)