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I'm studying Accounting to get into... Chartered Accounting

Bradley Jones

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My name is Bradley and I am a third year student at Pearson College London on the Professional Accounting in Business Course. My aspiration once I have graduated is to become a Chartered Accountant preferably in one of the big 4 accountancy firms (PwC, EY, Deloitte or KPMG).


Studying at Pearson Business School is greatly improving my chances of securing a place within one of these big companies within some of their most sort after roles as they are always putting you in front of the people. One of the greatest benefits of studying in Central London is that you are in the heart of business and so the big employers and the big companies don’t mind coming in to talk with you and network as they don’t have to travel thousands of miles to do so. This means that networking sessions happen very frequently!

In addition to this, Pearson itself is a FTSE 100 company which means that there are lots of companies that will have no problem working with them. This means we are able to benefit from Industry Days where we will be able to go and spend a day at a company to hear about their company, what their staff do and career opportunities at that company. These happen at all sorts of companies from big companies such as Unilever and BDO to small SME’s and Start-ups like Pavé.


What else is great with Pearson Business School is the quality of the lectures that you receive. All of the tutors are either still in the industry or have been for a very long time so what they are teaching you is fresh, relevant and topical. To enhance this, Pearson Business School often get Guest Lecturers to come in and deliver sessions with you to share their knowledge and their experiences of the industry. I have received talks from lots of different people from a wide range of companies which has really helped my understanding of what I am doing. Some of these people are even alumni who have graduated and landed a graduate job.

On top of all that, Pearson Business School also offer a guaranteed internship which means that so long as you are making an effort with your studies, staff will help you to secure a summer internship in a chosen sector. This summer I have my hopes set on securing one with PwC and so I am receiving help from Pearson Business School to try and secure that placement.


These are just a few of the ways that Pearson Business School are helping me to get into my sort after career and is one of the really good things about studying a degree here.

I'm studying Accounting to get into... Chartered Accounting
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