With exam season and coursework deadlines approaching, staying motivated can be hard. Following the next few steps will help you to stay motivated throughout this time. This can also be applied to hard times throughout your education, working life and personal life.

Have a target

In order to motivate yourself, you need an end target or a goal that you are working towards. This might be to achieve highly in an exam, complete a project at work, or even run 5k if that’s a personal goal of yours. Targets can be short-term, medium-term or long-term; alternatively, you may not have a deadline for an ongoing project that you are working on.

Make a list of reasons why you want to achieve it

In order to get motivated, it is smart to make a list of reasons why you want to achieve the goal. Why? Well, it is good to have reminders every now and then and it is a motivator in itself. When in doubt, you can look at these reasons to refresh your memory about why this is an important target for you and why you want to achieve it. If it comes to this and the reasons aren’t motivating you, you might need to come up with some better reasons, or maybe the goal is no longer important to you… For example, if you want to lose weight some reasons might be:

Make a list of smaller targets

Coming up with some smaller targets is a great way to break down the main aim into more manageable chunks. This gives you smaller goals to work towards as part of the progression towards the main target. You don’t have to do this, but it is a fantastic way of staying on track and think of it as completing lots of mini achievements – even reward yourself at each time if this is something that will motivate you more.

Find out what motivates you and tell people!

By telling people, I mean people that could help you achieve your goals more effectively. For example, if pressure and challenge motivates you to perform better at work, inform your boss that more challenging targets are going to push you to do better. Other ways to motivate yourself could be relaxation such as a spa day, a cheeky takeaway or a nice trip away. Do whatever you can, in reason to stay positive and motivated.

Look at the bigger picture

What is the bigger picture? How is this goal going to help you overall and how will it impact your life for the better? If your goal is to achieve a First Class Honours in your degree, maybe the bigger picture is that you will get a higher paid job role and have a happy life. All of the things you work towards now will impact your bigger picture. So, decide on your goals, your sub-goals, how you are going to get there and what motivation techniques you will use.
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