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Pearson College London: Women In Business

Conner Maguire

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Passionate, inspirational and enlightening.

The first PCL Women In Business event was a huge success! The panel, featuring Emma Margetts, Fiona Davis, and Charmaine Hayden, truly showcased the positive outlook women should hold upon considering their future careers and development.


As a male, this was an event that was not directed at myself, however it was an event that I believed would strengthen my feeling that Pearson College London is a University that promotes vast opportunities for all aspects of society by enabling students to gain confidence and employability skills from others.

Emma, Fiona, and Charmaine were able to deliver extremely powerful stories that generated high engagement between themselves and the attendees, due to their authenticity and relatability.

All women should be brave in the world of work because they have just as much dedication as any man, and due to their circumstances, women often possess greater passion than the average man. As a result, women can be exceptional and they do have significant value to add to any situation and environment they find themselves in. All that is required is the self-belief, and by attending events such as PCL Women in Business, women are able to grow this self-belief by understanding the great successes that have been achieved by women.

Emma's story of building a company to a significant level until it was bought by a group of corporations including the Bank of America is a fantastic story that displayed the idea that women are hugely entrepreneurial. She gave great ideas that women can have a positive impact on the world, even more impressive when considering that women have been limited in their adventures, especially Black women who have only raised 0.0006 percent--$289 million--of the $424.7 billion total tech venture funding raised since 2009, according to Inc,2018.

All three ladies suggest the concept that you should make your pain, your passion. Your 'why' should shine through: "I'm here to do this, I'm in my zone, I love this." When these steps are followed, women are able to understand their value, and thereby develop into amazing business people who have the potential for continuous growth.

The questions posed by the students led to further discussions and practical advice - including the following book suggestions that should be read:

A massive thank you to the panelists who were able to give their time and efforts to ensuring such a great evening for Pearson College London:

This was just the first of a series of events for Pearson College London Women In Business, and I would highly recommend attending the upcoming events. The team behind PCL WIB deserve great praise for their efforts and commitment - establishing societies such as these only emphasises Pearson College London's values and vision for ensuring that students are truly given the best opportunities and are alerted to wider inspirations.

Be sure to connect with the PCL Women in Business team below:


For more information visit the Pearson College London website.


Pearson College London: Women In Business
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