Month 6 has been nothing short of hectic. However, it has been controlled chaos. Time management has been really important in November, juggling work and study deadlines. We are fast-approaching Christmas, which for most is something they can't wait for. However, with two coursework deadlines and an exam, time could slow down for me!

Pearson Business School Open Day

I was lucky enough to work again at a Pearson Business School Open Day this month, promoting degree apprenticeships. I stood on the stand and talked to students and parents about degree apprenticeships, what I am doing and answered any questions that they had. I also did a question and answer session in the degree apprenticeship talk to answer any questions that the talk had raised.

Copywriting Masterclass

Earlier this month, our advertising agency held a copywriting masterclass for the team to practice writing good copy for advertisements and some rules of what works and what does not. It was an excellent way to take a step back and look at the technical side of things rather than jumping straight into something. It was a really useful day and something that is again developing me both personally and professionally.

Senior Sponsored Mentor

I met my Senior Sponsored Mentor for the first time this month. She is the HR Director of Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Pearson Plc and works in Milan. She had lots of advice to offer for different skills including presentations, leadership and communication. It is great as an apprentice to have personal access to people in high positions to gain rich and invaluable knowledge.

Advent Calendar videos

The Conversion team have been sending advent calendars to potential future students as a fun Christmas present. To go along with this, we have been working on some videos of students opening the doors and reading the reasons why to study at Pearson College London. It has been a great way to not only find out more about where I study, but also to work with other students and apprentices on a fun project.
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#LinkedInLocalYouth Masterclass

This month, Pearson College London ran its first of many LinkedIn Local Youth events. This new series aims to bring online contacts face-to-face and the first of the series was a networking masterclass. The experts introduced us to the three trickiest parts of networking that people are most worried about:

  1. Starting a conversation
  2. Maintaining a conversation and adding value
  3. Closing a conversation

For more information, read my blog about the masterclass.
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So from events to projects to training to deadlines, November has been busy! I won't lie, I am looking forward to a nice holiday over Christmas... See you all in 2019!