By Business Management students, Charlotte Fowler.

The Vodafone challenge took place during our first week of University. We were given a brief by the company, which asked us to create a ‘social by design’ marketing campaign for their new line of SMART technology products.

We had an imaginary budget of £50,000, that was used to design an idea aimed to increase engagement with the products by 20%, and it needed to be aimed at their target audience of families. Our concept involved a social media campaign that used a dog as a mascot in order to market their new pet tracker.

space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles
Photo by William Iven / Unsplash

After we submitted our idea, we were selected to pitch in front of the marketing team along with four other groups. This was an exciting experience, as we were given the opportunity to develop our presentation skills, and receive feedback from experienced individuals. They recommended that we narrowed down, and focused our energy on a single concept rather than having several brief ideas.

After the presentation, our group and one other were invited to Vodafone's head office. We had to pitch our ideas to some more senior staff members. This was nerve-racking, but also beneficial as it provided us with a unique opportunity to be pushed from our comfort zone.

people sitting on chair
Photo by Antenna / Unsplash

Once finished, we met Vodafone’s robot Pepper and we were awarded with a gift voucher from the company.

Overall, the experience was valuable, providing us with a talking point for future interviews and a unique opportunity to work with leaders in the industry that many other Universities do not offer.