On Wednesday evening, a very special movie night occurred when Escape Studios was able to screen the epic short film “Turning Tide”. After watching the WWII based film, an in-depth Q&A session was held with David Ross (Producer and VFX supervisor), Andrew Muir (Director and Writer) and Haluk Tarcan (Lead Compositor).


This movie was very special to Escape Studios as it involved around 15 student compositors, including Lead Compositor Haluk Tarcan, who helped finish a film that started production back in 2014. It is currently winning awards on the festival circuit and the standard of production is incredibly high.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed the film immensely and it lead to one of our longest Q&A sessions as everyone had questions about the production, the miniatures, the VFX and the challenge of trying to get a good day of weather in Scotland for shooting.


"It is always lovely to see your shot up on the big screen. It was even more satisfying seeing how polished the whole film turned out and to know that I did my 2-4 seconds for it" Tom Phipps

“It was the best way to celebrate 1 year from my first approach to compositing and the first real gig for a client! Regardless the size of the screen, watching your little name appearing in the end credits is really motivating and pushes you to do more and better.” Giulio Spatola