When beginning your pursuit into a career in Game Art, there are so many routes you could take, you may need a little guidance- which is where we come in. Below, we’ve summarised the current Games sector (to give you a quick overview) and just some of the jobs that could become available to you when you graduate.

The Games Industry

The video games industry is huge, and with millions of people playing online every day there is always a need for game art designers who can help create entertaining content. Did you know that in 2016 the games industry provided 47,620 FTE jobs, and that there are over 2,000 video game companies in the UK?

From developers and designers, to animators and artists (which our courses teach you), there are so many different directions that a degree in Games Art can take you. Let’s take a look and see exactly what these job roles include…


Technical Artist

Description: Technical artists bridge the gap between art and code, maintaining the art– production workflow and overseeing how in–game artwork is integrated into the project to the highest tech standard.
Required Skills: Technical ability with a range of different programming packages

Environment Artist

Description: Environment artists are responsible for the creation of immersive environments that realise a game’s vision. Environment artists work in conjunction with the art director to ensure that they consistently create high quality environment art.
Required Skills: Find out more about what it takes to become an environment artist here.

Games Developer

Description: All games need to first of all be designed, then developed and refined to meet high quality standards. A games developer will work on production and programming - effectively bringing to life the ideas from a Games Designer. A games developer may also work on Audio - voices, sound effects and soundtracks.
Required Skills: Have a good understanding of maths and computer science to help assist with the use of software such as Maya. You will also need to demonstrate a forward thinking


How can I get there?

The BA/MArt of Game Art degree here at Escape Studios will help to get you ready for the working world as you’ll:

  • Gain (in)valuable industry insight by being taught by tutors with years of experience and who still work on industry projects (for example, Simon Fenton is part of BAFTA games, and Philip Meredith worked on Runescape)
  • Get the chance to study Game Art, VFX and Animation in your first year in order to give you a broad experience of different processes and understand the whole pipeline (even though when it comes to working you’re likely to specialise in one area, it’s important to understand what everyone else is working on)
  • Graduate with a fully fledged show-reel ready to send off to employers and studios to demonstrate your abilities (which is a must!)
  • Be provided with excellent after care - you can come back and visit us at any time to help with your showreel, or for any further career advice (our tutors want you to succeed and they, as well as our aftercare team, are there to help our 'Escapees' every step of the way)

What will it really be like?

Although we don’t have any graduates from our undergraduate courses yet (the course only started in 2016 which means we won’t have graduates until 2019) you can take a look at what our short course and postgraduate Games Art ‘Escapees’ are up to.

You can also view our YouTube channel to see our students Games Showreels.