So, you’ve survived the Degree Apprenticeship workshop and you have now been invited to another interview. The purpose of a second interview is for the hiring managers to see how well they think you would fit in with the team, as well as giving you another opportunity to show off your skills. You will also be able to ask them more questions about the role and what might be expected of you.

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What To Expect
The interview will usually be held in the offices of where the job is based. However, unlike a workshop, this time, the interview will be between you, and two or three hiring managers. The interview is longer than the one you might have had at a workshop (lasting around 30-40 minutes), as it they sometimes begin with you completing several written questions based around how you would handle different situations. You will then be interviewed by the managers and will get a chance at the end to ask any questions of your own.

What We Want To See From You
Most firms are looking for a degree apprentice who can help the team to grow to an outstanding level of excellence. They like to see skills such as interdependence, a strong work ethic, good teamwork skills and an eye for detail. Fresh ideas and creativity will be highly valued within a friendly team, however, to get a better understanding of what we want to see from you, please refer back to your job role description.

How To Prepare
Like any interview, we recommend that you plan out potential questions. One way to do this could be by listing all of your skills and experiences, and matching 2-3 of these examples alongside a potential question - this way you will have planned an answer for every question! We also recommend you prepare by refreshing your knowledge about the organisation, as well as current affairs in the business world.

From my experience, everyone involved in the interview process were very friendly so you have nothing to worry about! Remember to be relaxed as this is a chance to show off your skills and show them how much you want the role. But most importantly - just be yourself.

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Some of Pearson’s new Degree Apprentices also had some advice to offer:

The final interview can be a daunting process, but I think the main piece of advice is to be prepared! Make sure you've read about the position, and link any of your personal experiences or qualities to the role. Also, say why you're passionate about doing a Degree Apprenticeship, and be enthusiastic throughout!

  • Phoebe Walker

I would say some advice for the final interviews would be to be yourself, smile and enjoy the experience (as hard as that may be!) In order to prepare for the interview make sure that you think about any skills that you have gained previously which may help you with the role that you are being interviewed for.

  • Matilda Pinn