Pearson Business School offers Business Management, Law, Accounting and Marketing degrees, and this new society is perfect for anyone on those courses.

Model United Nations involves role-playing the functions of the UN, in particular the General Assembly - debating on real life issues that their designated countries are faced with. This activity involves researching current issues and presenting findings and solutions in a methodological manner that conveys a strong message in order to improve the population of your nation, as well as the Global population.

By being part of such a society it offers students the chance to improve on an array of skills including; critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation. These skills are easily transferable to the working environment and Model United Nations (MUN) is a great platform to provide evidence of showcasing these skills on a CV - it is great that Pearson College London students have been given this opportunity.

There are few better ways of understanding international affairs and global politics than putting yourself ‘in the shoes of world leaders’ - Model United Nations

MUN offers students the chance to discover previously unseen perspectives from the countries they are representing, allowing the comparison of similarities and differences between the policies of the United Kingdom and their chosen nation, on topics such as health-care, education and foreign policy.

This procedure of arguing from an new perspective allows students to build empathy and understanding, crucial qualities for living in London, one of the most diverse cities in the world. However, it is even more crucial for the world of work as the world is becoming more and more interconnected.

By engaging more in different perspectives, it can make networking easier as a person's capability to develop conversations with strangers is increased as you can understand their perspective.

Pearson's Model United Nations certainly seems an exciting prospect that is only at its beginning - but already has a heap of promise - with social events coming up in a few months, and a team of strong, passionate people behind it.

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