Founded by ex-Pearson Business School student Andrea Armanni in 2017, Mammalo is an exciting new service, with an even greater stimulating team that has moved into Pearson's Business Incubator.

A C2C marketplace for those seeking a specific, reliable service from those aiming to make money from a service. Start-up Mammalo aims to follow the business model that has proved successful for the likes of Airbnb.

Pearson Students were recently given the opportunity to discuss with Mammalo's founder, Andrea, along with team member and former Pearson Student, Maxime, about the hardship of creating a start-up, their plans for Mammalo, as well as their experiences of Pearson College London. Students were then given the freedom to feedback to Andrea and Max, about their thoughts on Mammalo and how its user interface could be improved - a valuable experience for both parties.

Mammalo, meaning 'Local Mummy', is described as an online platform enabling users to easily search, find and book a wide range of local services. From home maintenance and personal care to private tuition and events, Mammalo matches customers with skilled professionals in their local area.


Following on, Students were able to gain an insight into how they can integrate with Mammalo in order be more successful - by allowing Students to get real, authentic business knowledge; whereas Mammalo has the chance to see how their service is being perceived by a specific target market. This is incredibly useful for any start-up, as growth in sales or users is critical, however this is often an extremely difficult task. Thus, Mammalo have the chance of a head start in a market where they are one of a few brands, and so rapid growth is required.


Following the interactive presentation by Andrea and Max, students were able to engage in further, more informal discussions, involving pizza and beer. Here both Andrea and Max were highly captivating as they discussed what inspired them to this point in their life, and past encounters around the world including Max's heritage of being Dutch-Brazilian.

The response of students was that Andrea and Max were highly supportive, both on the evening and would continue to be in the future through the previous mentioned collaborations. For example, the freedom for any student to walk in to Mammalo's office to experience their work life, or to ask any impeding questions they wish.

Already since their evening, Andrea and Max have been interviewed to help with a research project for a fellow Pearson student.

In Mammalo's own blog on PCL, Andrea and Max further discuss their University life and how they were given a magnitude of opportunities to engage with the industry that they reflected upon as being "an authentic learning experience" where they could gain "invaluable skills" and were challenged academically. I would highly recommend reading the blog to gain additional insight into their life experiences.

Mammalo will certainly be an exciting project for Pearson Students to follow and engage with over the next year.

Andrea Armanni - Mammalo. https://www.mammalo.com/

For more information visit the Pearson College London website. https://www.pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk/

Author: https://www.linkedin.com/in/connermaguire/