Escape Studios' head of games Simon Fenton introduced me to Gareth from The Mill at Escape’s second year showcase. I then applied there as a Technical Art Intern. Fortunately I had just done Tech, FX and Sound for ‘The Last of London’, and a specialism in blueprints, materials and flow maps at Escape. We were also lucky to have Tom Harle help with the Technical side of things on Fridays.

I am working in Unreal Engine making blueprints for projects, re-topologising meshes to get them engine ready, and making materials. I got to wear a Mo-Cap suit and even jump in to help out on Pre-Vis projects and an AR filter. I have to say the support I receive at The Mill is unbelievable, and I have learnt an incredible amount in the last 5 months, the whole team is extremely passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. I am very fortunate to still be working there a while longer whilst I continue my studies.

For The Mill’s installation for Jaguar, at an auto show in Paris, we had an interactive, real-time Jaguar that tracks the user and recognizes gestures. I was lucky enough to work on some of the blueprints animating one of the few scripted sections, in-engine using some very new workflows, get the cars engine ready, and work on some of the materials.

Working at The Mill has accelerated my progress and my studies hugely. Experience with Perforce and VR has made starting our newest VR project at Escape seem familiar and allowed me to improve my skills and push myself, rather than get bogged down on new tools and workflows.

I think the biggest advantage of my course is that it tries to ensure we have a wide skill base; as an undergrad you're not going to be landing a specialised job, so being able to help many departments and team members makes you vastly more useful.

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