A Creative Workshop is a mandatory part of the application process for undergraduate Escape Studios students. After applying through UCAS, you’ll be invited in to take a look around the studios, meet our inspiring tutors and show off your work. The Creative Workshop is an exciting day, with a range of different activities for you to do and here’s why our current students think you should attend:

“It gives you confidence in the subject matter, and ensures that it’s right for you! There’s nothing to lose by trying!”

- Kyran Roe (current Escape Studios student)


1. Be considered for a full-fee scholarship

In order to be considered for one of our three full-fee scholarships (which will be chosen from leaders in the industry) you have to attend a Creative Workshop.

2. Meet your future tutors

On the day you’ll get to meet some of your new tutors who may teach you next year if choose to study with us. All of our tutors have amazing experience in the industry, so take advantage of this and ask them lots of questions (did you know the Head of Animation worked on Scar from the Lion King?)

3. Receive feedback on your Creative Portfolio

Making your Creative Portfolio can sometimes be tricky, even after reading our Creative Portfolio Guide. However you can use the day as a chance to get valuable feedback from tutors and from other applicants too.

4. Get a feel of the course

It is important to make sure that you are choosing the right course, and attending a Creative Workshop will give you a stronger idea of what it would be like to study with us as you can take in the course and the environment and see if it’s for you.


5. Discover our new studios

We have just finished refurbishing a whole new floor designated to Escape Studios - and it looks AMAZING. Our studios use state-of-the-art technology (and the free tea and coffee helps!)

6. Practice the commute

Whether you’re planning to move to London or commute in every day, the Creative Workshop is another chance to practice your commute to our midtown campus and familiarise yourself with the location.

7. Go outside your comfort zone

Attending something new, with new people can be challenging - but you can use this as an opportunity to integrate yourself into the life of an Escape Studios student (we’re a friendly bunch!)

8. Get involved in group work set by industry

Not only will you get the chance to meet other students, but you will also work with them on a small project too. This will not only help you to boost your confidence, but it’ll give you a chance to explore your creativity on a real project that has been set by one of our industry partners.

9. Receive a partial fee waiver

All applicants who successfully complete the Creative Workshop will also receive a fee waiver, saving money on your tuition fees.

10. Have fun!

You have nothing to lose by attending a Creative Workshop, and fundamentally we want you to enjoy yourself and make the most out of this day by developing your skills.