I am Daniel, 23 years old and from Italy.

I started to think about a career in Computer Graphics when I was 16 years old and I was already pretty sure that Animation was really the right media for me.
I am really passionate about it and I am always trying to improve my skills as an Animator. I think, like any other job, that you really have to love it. It is a lot of work and often, the final animation that the audience see, is weeks or even months of work that the Animator has been working for.

At the age of 19, I got a Diploma after studying Painting for 5 years. After that, I moved to France to work there for about one year and I applied for few university places in England.

I got a place at University of Greenwich’s Undergraduate programme in 3D Digital Design and Animation. After finishing the first year, I found out that Escape Studios opened a new Undergraduate programme. I applied and got a place in there, so I transferred and started from the first year again.
In March 2017, I started an Internship at King Bee, a 2D Animation Studio, where I was intern for 6 months. It was a great experience, but a little challenging to juggle my job as a barista, university and my internship.

At the end of the first year at Escape Studios, I secured a job as a Junior Animator at Lipsync. I was still making a few animations for King Bee, but I had finally found a job in the VFX industry. The first movie we worked on was Showdogs, where I animated few creatures. After my five months contract, I had to go back to Uni, but the show got quite busy and they kept me until the end of the movie in January 2018.
They extended my contract again and I worked on another movie called Hurricane where I animated airplanes. I am still working at Lipsync and doing my last year of my Undergraduate degree at Escape Studios.
We will soon start working on a new project which I can't talk about. The idea is to enlarge our VFX pieline, especially for Animation.

I love Lipsync: it is a fairly small studio, I have gotten to know everybody and some of my colleagues become good friends.

Advice for people seeking internships or jobs in VFX

  1. Have a reel where you show your best animation. Keep working on something new and improve your skills.
  2. Go to animation events or try to be visible in social networks like Linkedin.
  3. Try to get feedback from other people and animators if you can!
  4. If you go to an animation event try to meet people, exchange contact details and maybe send over your animation for feedback. They might see how hard you are working and after a while they will notice your progress if you keep in contact with people. They will also let you know if they are aware of vacancies or internship. Also the VFX industry looks big, but it is a quite small community in London. You might end up working with people you meet at events or with your classmates and everybody will know you if you were showing your work to them few month before!

To get into the VFX industry at a junior level is not easy, it might take a while so I would advise students to not give up applying for studios to get in as an intern or junior. I am sure that people who really want to get a job in VFX can manage to have one fairly soon.