Being part of the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network (YAAN) means sharing your story and inspiring those at schools and college to consider an apprenticeship. It aims to remove the stigma that apprenticeships are just for trades only and emphasis that you are as equally qualified as those completing their A-Levels or gaining a degree traditionally.

YAAN encourages you to attend parents evenings, assemblies and career talks to tell your story. These sessions may be around how you found out about an apprenticeship or why you chose this pathway. For me I loved the idea of earning whilst learning and to finish with rich experience in your specific sector with full qualifications.

YAAN provides lots of great opportunities for apprentices such as presenting awards at ceremonies and speaking at the House of Commons. It is a great opportunity to network with other apprentices from all over the UK, as well as supporting each other. I think the network gives young ambitious students the chance to get their name out there and is a worthwhile time investment .

Having the YAAN as part of your experience and CV will show employers that you are confident in presenting and passionate about your choice of pathway. Presenting and communication skills are often noted as valuable by employers for new starters within their teams, and may give you an edge over other candidates.

For more information about the YAAN, visit their website or to find out about degree apprenticeships, visit the Pearson College London website.