On Monday, we had an incredibly intriguing talk from Jean Gomes from The Energy project, who talked about how to prepare yourself for a long, rewarding and sustainable career through smart energy expenditure and renewal.

Jean explores three key drivers of performance:

  • Utilisation of time
  • Skill set
  • Capacity (Energy)

Where Jean's talk was extremely fascinating, was on his development of the importance of energy on performance throughout a person's career and how this impacts their time management and skill set. As we progress through our lives, our expectations increase. This increases demand; however, our energy capacity only increases until we are 30 years old. At this point, we peak and our capacity starts to fall. When demand outstrips capacity, this can lead to several costs in regard to our relationships, health and skills.

Despite the presumption that this data is not relevant to current students who have not experienced this yet, it does demonstrate the extreme importance of preparation to ensure this risk is mitigated against. This is especially relevant as people are expected to be working for 50 years or longer; so people should understand how they are using their energy.

Businesses are becoming aware of the increasing importance of energy and its impact on health, happiness, focus and purpose by appointing 'Chief Energy Officers' - showing the importance of Jean and The Energy Project's work.


"Energy impacts on emotions. Emotions impact on performance. Hours invested in a project does not matter if energy is not invested."

Through Jean's knowledge and experience, he explains the correct method to regain energy effectively in order to sustain performance and increase endurance. Jean's technique of renewing energy every 90 minutes through 2 minute breathing sessions proved a beneficial technique to students. This illustrated the idea that it is something that can be achieved in all individuals and in all companies, without damaging productivity - instead boosting it.

"When embarking on any project, you should expect resistance, however by setting precise objectives that are attainable and can be measured you are more likely to be successful."

Overall, Jean was an amazingly motivating and enticing speaker, who not only impacted on the students but also the staff of Pearson College London, highlighting just how relevant The Energy Project is in the current environment where businesses are demanding even greater things from their staff.

"75% of companies going through significant transformations have failed, according to Jean, and when it is considered that much of this is down to employee engagement and employee burnout, then this figure is not so surprising."

Jean's use of infographics and graphs as a vehicle to progress students through his presentation was extremely effective and helpful too.

Jean Gomes - Founder - The Energy Project -

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