A degree apprenticeship does exactly what it says on the tin; combining studying towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with practical work experience.

It is a fantastic opportunity for school and college leavers to graduate with zero debt and get a head start in their chosen profession. For employers, it is a chance to grow their own talent and cultivate a highly skilled workforce. Talk about a win-win situation.

In this blog, we highlight the key reasons why degree apprenticeships are good news for everyone.

How does a degree apprenticeship benefit the individual?

Whether you’ve just left school or you’ve already got a few years’ experience under your belt, a degree apprenticeship is a great way to fast-track your career.

Here are three ways you will reap the benefits:

Hands-on learning is the key to success

Far from being an easy alternative to the traditional university route, it takes hard work and determination to master the art of balancing a full-time job with getting a top degree.

However, it is your superior juggling skills that will give you the upper hand during your apprenticeship. Whilst lecture slides and endless note-taking don’t always sink in, degree apprentices can put their studies into practice by applying the theories they learn at university into real-life work scenarios - and vice versa!

Earn while you learn

With the government paying two-thirds of your tuition fees and your employer covering the rest, FREE tuition fees are the icing on the cake.

To further sweeten the deal, you will earn a proper salary from day one. According to leading early careers resource RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, the average salary for all degree apprentices is £18,860.

Degree apprentices are highly employable

Each scheme is designed to mould apprentices into highly employable professionals by ensuring they develop essential industry-relevant skills. As a result, over two thirds of apprentices stay with the same employer, with many working their way up to the boardroom. A whopping 30% of senior UK managers at Rolls Royce first joined the company as apprentices.

How do degree apprenticeships benefit businesses?

An investment in an apprentice is an investment in the future of your business. Keep reading to find out why…

Match the skills of employees to the skills you need

Skills shortages in Britain are costing businesses more than £2 billion a year in recruitment, higher salaries and temporary staff.

But with 86% of employers saying apprentices helped to fill the skills gap, it is clear that degree apprenticeships are part of the solution. After all, what better way to build your workforce than to bring fresh talent into your organisation and train them your way? Businesses can now create bespoke Apprenticeship Standards to ensure the skills their apprentices learn are the ones they need.

Increase the diversity of your workforce

In a time when activist movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter are shedding light on gender and race disparities in the workplace, it is more important than ever to promote diversity and inclusion.

Attractive degree apprenticeship schemes are encouraging women to explore traditionally male-dominated industries. One shining example of this is Manchester Metropolitan University’s Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship, where an impressive 40% of first-year apprentices were female. In comparison, just 13% of all computer science graduates are women.

Reduce your staff turnover

Did you know that the average length of time an apprentice stays with Siemens is 26 years?

Giving apprentices real responsibility, treating them equally to other employees and supporting their professional and personal development makes them feel valued within the business. This naturally instils a sense of loyalty, encouraging apprentices to commit to working with you in the long term.


Written by Louise at RateMyApprenticeship