It's sometimes hard to imagine what your schedule will look like once you start working towards your Business Management degree. To help you imagine your life in higher education our students have sent in their timetables to give you a look into what their weeks look like.

Sample Business Management Timetable; Year one, term one.

As a Business Management student studying on the traditional pathway you will have classes on campus around 3 days a week, this includes both seminars and lectures. Each term your timetable may change depending on the modules you are taking.

The way the seminar room is set up will vary depending on the module or topic you're currently working on. Your seminars will have a maximum of 25-30 students and here you will be putting into practice what you've learned from the lecture. You will often be working with your classmates on business strategies, proposals, marketing campaigns etc. It is a really engaging and interactive session with a lot of moving around and interacting with both the tutor and your peers.


In both the lectures and seminars our tutors want you to be as engaged as possible, this is why all our lectures are recorded. You don't need to worry about writing down every little thing the tutor is saying as you will be able to watch the lecture back and review that information at a later date. In the lecture we want students to be actively taking part and contributing to class.

Our seminars are designed to be as interactive as possible, with the tutor introducing and setting up activities based on the lecture you have attended beforehand. You will be implementing what you've learned and ensuring that you not only understand the topics and ideas but you are able to take the lead and present what you've learned.


The way you are assessed in your first year is a mixture of coursework, presentations and examinations. The reason for the variety of our assessments is to assess the skills you will need to use in the workplace. Often when you are going for a grad scheme the interview will involve some form of written test, presentation and then traditional interview questions. It is important that by the end of your degree you feel comfortable walking into any job interview feeling confident that you have prepared for any forms of assessment.


Throughout the year you will have meetings scheduled with your personal tutor and opportunities to discuss professional development with the employability team to ensure you are making the most out of your time.


I hope this has given you an insight into what your week and classes could look like, if you do have any further questions just let us know!