A brand new show is coming: Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm! We caught up with Jamie Anderson, Producer of the project and the proud son of the legendary TV and film producer Gerry Anderson – the creator of Thunderbirds and a number of other cult classics.

Directed by Steve Begg (whose credits include Spectre, Skyfall and Casino Royale, to name just a few), Gerry Anderson's Firestorm sees a return to puppetry, models, miniatures, physical sets and practical FX…so read on to hear more about it!

Can you tell us about Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm?

The easiest summary I can give? The coolest puppet show you've ever seen. If you know Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, then we're using many of the classic techniques to bring this Gerry-Anderson-created series to life using puppets, miniatures, practical FX and VFX to provide the finishing touches. If you don't know any Gerry Anderson shows - firstly... Where have you been?! But secondly... think Marvel with puppets.

What was your role on the project?

I'm the Producer - I developed the project from my late father's original notes, and brought together the team to develop and produce our proof of concept piece, our pilot minisode.

Which Escapees (Escape Studios alumni) have been involved in the project and what roles have they had?

Anita Gribble has been supporting the project from early on in the process, but we worked with one Escapee in particular - Harvey Goodall. Harvey took on a huge amount of VFX shots for us and worked tirelessly to help us complete the minisode.

What do you have planned for the Project Firestorm launch at MCM Comic Con?

Well, it'll be the first opportunity for members of the public to see the minisode, so we're very excited about that. But we also have a panel of cast and crew, plus an opportunity to see exclusive behind the scenes material and even to meet one of the real stars of the series...

Where can we find out more?

If you can't make it to MCM Comic Con London at 1pm on 27 October, then we'll be making the minisode available online via FirestormHQ.com from 1:40pm UK time - and we'd love it if people would watch, comment and share - every view helps move us closer to getting the full series into production!