In attendance of this event, I was once again vilified in my decision to join Pearson College. Florence and Sam were both very passionate about their jobs, and it was very interesting to hear their viewpoints. It is a tribute to the success of the college as to how much they have managed to accomplish since graduating.

I was particularly interested to hear how they were judged at their respective companies to be the centre of attention, and that people came to them for advice was a true inspiration. I think the main thing to take away was the similarity between the two companies in regard to their cultures; both seemed very welcoming but also challenging, it was fascinating to hear that in both, there was a strong attention to detail, relating to the structure. I think it is really inspiring that one could be asked to work on solving so many different problems, and it really shows how
important it is to be versatile in the contemporary workplace environment.

I don’t know if I would necessary wear my social opportunities that came about as a result of my position, but it really does demonstrate what life can give you if you work for it. I would definitely recommend students who are looking for a picture of how best to benefit from the skills learned at Pearson to come along to the
next event.

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