I am a 3rd Year Undergraduate student, studying BA/MArt The Art of Computer Animation (Integrated Masters).

Over the summer I interned at The Mill for 12 weeks, working on mainly one project, a music video. I was able to join early on, and watch the different aspects of production develop into its final stages, just before leaving in September.

As an Animation Intern, I would do animation tests exploring different ranges of movement to help the directors figure out the style they wanted. I also helped set up the layout, to pre-visualise how the assets would move in the space while the rigs and mocap were being made. Once the mocap data was ready, I would work on matching the layout by scanning through the data and selecting appropriate sequences to place in the scenes.

The opportunity has been especially helpful with my course in terms of learning how professional projects are developed from start to finish. I was able to listen in on meetings and watch how directors, producers and project leaders would review work across the different departments. I was also introduced to tools and techniques by the animators there, that I try to incorporate in my workflow now.

It was an invaluable introduction to working in a studio environment alongside a team of experts. There were also lots of internal events to meet with the other employees and discuss the work being done across The Mill’s studios worldwide, as well as in the industry in general.

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