Informative and engaging, this evening was the first of a series offered by Pearson College London, which showed immense promise for the rest of the series. Headed by two alumni; Sam Hewitt of start-up ‘Pact Coffee’, and Florence Stanton of ‘Shell PLC’, the evening offered two very different insights into the world of work, including the work culture and recruitment processes Sam and Florence have encountered.

Along with the aid of interviewer Will Holt, who was also able to offer his own personal experiences, the relaxed evening was an opportunity for students to get honest feedback on how to improve their chances of achieving a dream role in the future, in an environment that was far different to lectures.

A keen interest of the night for me was regarding the topic of LinkedIn and how pivotal it is to have a strong presence on the platform, with Sam using himself as an example of how he has managed to get roles at start-ups, ‘Buzz Bike’ and ‘Pact Coffee’, through LinkedIn. This example from Sam was then further emphasised by Florence who presented the importance of making the most of your University years to gain skills and experience, which you can then display on your CV to differ from other applicants.

It is widely accepted that many people are graduating with degrees in modern times, thereby by having the ability to also present volunteering or employment roles you may have had, this allows you to demonstrate how you have been able to use favourable skills, such as teamwork and leadership, in real life environments. This idea was emphasised by both Sam and Florence who also commented on the importance on internships as a way of getting first-hand experience into the sector students may be looking to enter. Sam enlightened the opportunity that through internships, many students may be able to build up a good rapport with a manager who then may offer further placements and potentially a post-graduate job; whilst on the other hand Florence gave her experience of working as a PR in the fashion industry – a role she hated! However for Florence she saw this as incredibly beneficial as without that experience she would have been unknowledgeable about the industry and whether it
was right for her.

Florence ended the evening with a powerful statement in relation to this topic –
“do something you hate” – a statement that resonated with me as many students are not fully understanding of their future career, like myself, hence by getting yourself out there to experience as much as possible, it will certainly help to make what you want to do a lot clearer.

Sam and Florence both suggested connecting with them on LinkedIn, something I am also recommending as building up your network is incredibly important in business, but also they stated they would be happy to answer any questions, further showing how useful evenings such as these are, both in the short term and for the foreseeable future.

Naturally the evening ended with pizza and alcohol, a perfect ending to a perfect night. Ultimately, these evenings are ideal for anyone who wants to get more knowledge and confidence about what they should be doing with their spare time at University in order to ensure the best possible future for themselves, from people who have gone through the same process as themselves, by being at Pearson College London. The evening concluded with a Q&A session which allowed further discussions, of which there was many, showing how thought provoking the evening was. I would
highly recommend attending further sessions due to how enjoyable and constructive the talk was.

If you have any comments about the night, comment below!