About Mammalo

Founded in 2017 by ex-Pearson Business School student Andrea Armanni, Mammalo is a London-based startup striving to better structure a highly unorganised offline service industry with the help of modern technology and smart processes.

We believe that people are made of passion, whether is a hobby or their full time job, they should be given more opportunities to work independently and benefit from their passions and skills. And so we created a C2C marketplace made by those people seeking to make money from their hobby but also by those in need of a specific service.

Through its online platform, Mammalo is disrupting the service industry by connecting customers and professionals directly through its technology. It provides people a lightning fast and convenient way to quickly search, find and book any types of service they need in a specific moment, whether they are at home or in the office.

By offering an easy, secure and user friendly platform, Mammalo ultimately helps to connect local talented service providers with potential clients in their local area.

The company is currently operating in central London and has grown from one person to over 6 people as of September 2018.

Andrea Armanni

Studying at Pearson Business School was a personally challenging experience. I was very satisfied by the insightful academic environment and the exposure to the real business world.

The BA (Honours) Business Management with Finance FT was academically stimulating and came out to be extremely useful in developing my startup. Lectures and seminars were applied to real-world case studies and complemented by industry events in world-leading companies, which provided me with an authentic learning experience and the ability to develop a strong analytical thinking.

Maxime van den Berg

At Pearson College London I pursued the BA (Honours) Business Management degree. Its connection to industry gave me an opportunity to interact with well-known companies and grow my network.

Pearson gave us the freedom to roam. Through this I developed many skills, from time management to accounting, which helped us create what Mammalo is today. I was lucky to gain the opportunity to study in New York over the summer which broadened my knowledge in finance through the Corporate Financial Management course. On top of this, Pearson facilitated the opportunity to work with Unilever. As a team we managed to win initial rounds of the project and eventually present our ideas to
management situated in the US. As I mentioned before, the freedom to roam and find my own path allowed me to experience and gain invaluable skills that are applicable to any given situation for the rest of my career.