I was really intrigued by some of the ideas that came out in the presentation on trust and the subsequent discussion, especially by how different disciplines of the professional world understand trust and how they apply it to their working life. Naturally, it is always a pleasure to have an intellectually challenging discussion, even when I did not fully agree with the panellists on a few issues. It was interesting to see how the core principle of morality came out.

I did find it interesting how, despite our differences, I found myself in agreement with the consensus of scepticism regarding information and the management of thought; although, I would like to add, I take things further, since I trust the individual to make decisions for themselves about morality. Nevertheless, it was warming to see such inspiration for instigating change, and I also see where we as a species can improve ourselves.

I feel that where I can most appreciate what was discussed on the day was the appreciation of the legal issues we are facing, which will certainly help in my analysis to approach my assessments. Though I feel adjudicating on sources is probably one of my strengths, I understand the conference may have helped others who were unsure about how to adapt to the scrutiny of academic research.

I think that understanding the importance of credibility in determining what decisions we make has many applications that go far beyond proper referencing. Perhaps we don’t always have to listen to those with experience, but it would be unwise to not follow some established precedent. That would apply to starting a business, or even getting to grips with a new job role. We will learn the most from what our peers understand, so I personally feel that we should always listen carefully and record what we know to be good knowledge.

This allows others to make the decision to follow, or perhaps choose to decide to make a different strategy. Either way, a grounding in truth is critical for the future of enterprise, and society as a whole.

Ultimately, I think that it provided good experience of the sort of conversation that employers might expect, and of course proved how vital it is to have solid opinions, in life as a student.

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