An Integrated Masters is a four year degree programme that includes a Postgraduate qualification as part of the course. It means you will study the traditional three year Undergraduate Degree and then study for an additional year to complete the Integrated Masters.

At Pearson Business School, we offer Integrated Masters in:

At Escape Studios we offer MArt Integrated Masters in:

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The benefits of studying an Integrated Masters:

  • You’ll graduate with two qualifications in one - an undergraduate degree and a Masters Degree
  • You’ll get to spend your fourth ‘Masters’ year with the same group of people from your course - rather than starting somewhere else and with new faces
  • You’ll already have an excellent bond with your tutors
  • You won’t need to take out the £10,000 Masters loan
  • It’s flexible - if you start on the Integrated Masters but decide you’d rather stick to an undergraduate course, you can switch

The challenges of studying an Integrated Masters:

  • They’re not available for every subject - whilst we offer them for Accounting, Law and our Creative courses, they’re not yet available for Business Management
  • It depends on what field you want to get into - but if you’re considering going on to get your PhD, a different postgraduate programme might be more suitable
  • You won’t get a break in-between (like a lot of students do)
  • You’ll have to source accommodation/travel for an extra year

The difference between an Integrated Masters and a Postgraduate Degree:

  • An Integrated Masters is a type of Postgraduate Degree. There are three types of Postgraduate Degrees: Postgraduate Diploma, Masters (MA, Msc, MArt, MPhil, etc.) and a Doctorate (PhD, DPhil, etc.)
  • An Integrated Masters combines your Undergraduate Degree with your Masters, and is usually studied for 4 years at the same University and you can apply for it through UCAS. For other Postgraduate Degrees, you will have to make a separate application to the institution and you don’t necessarily have to continue studying at the same institution in which you completed your undergraduate degree. Many students take a year off to go travelling or to work and then come back and study at another institution and/or in another City.

Why study a Masters?

  • An Integrated Masters can make you much more employable as it will give you a greater advantage over other job applicants due to your advanced knowledge (especially if you accelerate and complete it in three years)
  • You may have the potential to command a higher wage
  • It can open up a range of different job opportunities

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Can I take a gap year between completing my Undergraduate course and starting my Integrated Masters?
No - if you choose the integrated option, it must be completed straight after your third year.

What is the average cost of studying a Masters?
At Pearson College London, our Integrated Masters courses last for four years (3 years of undergraduate and 1 year of Masters) - you’ll pay the same fees for all four years, so £9,000 per year and you can find funding from Student Finance to cover the costs for the full four years.
If you choose a stand-alone Masters , fees are usually around £11,000 per year and they are not covered by Student Finance, so you have to take out a Postgraduate Loan (up to £10,000).

If I’m offered a partial fee waiver after completing a Professional Workshop, will the reduction still apply for my 4th year of studies?
Yes, the fee waiver will apply for your 4th year to help save money on your University fees.

What happens if upon applying for an Integrated Masters at Pearson College London, I change my mind and no longer want to complete my 4th year?
If you change your mind and decide you only want to complete your Undergraduate Degree, then you do not have to continue with your Masters qualification. The same applies if you have applied for an Undergraduate course but then decide you want to continue your studies and complete a Masters. You will need to get in touch with your tutors and Student Services to discuss your options.

Can I accelerate my Integrated Masters?
Pearson College London students studying a traditional 3 year Undergraduate Degree have the option to accelerate their course and complete it in 2 years time (subject to academic performance). If you choose to study an Integrated Masters, you can also accelerate your course and complete it in 3 years rather than 4 (subject to academic performance and a minimum cohort)