My fourth month at Pearson College London has gone really quickly, probably due to the fact that I have been super busy... In a good way! Some of the things I have been getting involved with this month are...

Started my Degree

I have started my BA (Hons) Business Management Degree this month, which I study for on Fridays. I am studying two modules this term: Principles of Business (Parts 1 and 2) and Introduction to Research.
Principles of Business is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1 of the module focuses on the overall purpose of business, including the set-up and infancy of organisations.
  • Part 2 gives a technical introduction to the pillars of business: finance, law, management, marketing and innovation.

Introduction to Research involves coming up with and carrying out a research project, either related or unrelated to your job role. It involves creating a research proposal and report which presents your results and recommendations developed from the project.
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Off the back of the creation of the CMDA (Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship) Business to Business Guide, the B2B team asked me to put together a SLMDA (Senior Leadership Master's Degree Apprenticeship) B2B Guide. This is for the new programme that we are running, where students are released in blocks of time from their companies for training over an 18 month period. The guide was a similar format to the CMDA guide but it covered prices, modules and training styles of the Master's programme. I have really enjoyed creating these guides as it has enabled me to develop my writing and creative skills, as well as problem-solving to ensure that I keep within the page limit.


Last month, I mentioned that I had been researching some publications that we could target for some press activity. One of my key highlights this month was a blog released by The Great British Entrepreneurship Awards. They released a blog I wrote as we are their educational sponsor for the 2018 awards. To have my work published in this way was a real highlight for me this month.


I have been working on my blog content this month, focusing on the enrolment and induction of new students at Pearson Business School and Escape Studios; the content is very focused on university life and the different parts of it that you have to consider. I have also been collating blog content, including a series of blogs from the winners of the Levi Roots Business Challenge.

Undergraduate Open Day

I also worked at an Undergraduate Open Day for Pearson Business School this month. This involved registering the guests for the day and ensuring that they had the correct passes and were pointed in the right direction for their talks. I also chatted to various people about the degree apprenticeship schemes and what its like to be a degree apprentice. It was a really good experience for me and I was able to provide feedback to the events team about how the day could have run better from a recent student perspective.

Weekly Wind-Down

Finally, I have taken on the responsibility of collating and sending out the information for the weekly wind down. This is an internal communications email that gets sent out to all staff within Pearson College London to give everyone an update of what’s happened that week. This task involves emailing all Heads of Department with a content request and then compiling all the content into our emailing system and sending it out on a Friday.

If you have any questions about our degree apprenticeships, feel free to use the discussion section below. To sign up to our degree apprenticeship vacancy waitlist, go to our website.