There’s nothing better than a great discount and as a student, there’s tonnes of offers and deals that you have access too! You may already be aware of some of the discounts out there, but there’s a few hidden gems you may not have heard of…

1. UniDays

By far the best student discount website, UniDays is FREE to sign up to and it offers thousands of online discounts on clothes, food, technology and more with many big brand names such as HP, New look,Topshop, Nike, Dominos and Just Eat (to name a few!)

2. Student Beans

This website is very similar to UniDays, offering lots of discounts on big brands all for FREE! The site is super easy to navigate, making it easy to find the discount you need.

3. Save the Student

This is a great site for keeping up-to-date with the latest student news, as well as useful money saving tips and discounts, deals, job information and easy money making ideas.


The TOTUM card gives you access to over 200 UK student discounts with the Lite membership for FREE! For access to the complete list of discounts and offers, prices start from £14.99 and includes a free 12-month ISIC bolt-on and the option to include PASS accredited Proof of age ID too.

5. 10 Ways

This site is full of bargains, price hacks, freebies and the latest student news! Make sure to keep checking 10 ways to get the best money saving schemes.

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6. Student Central

Did you know that all Pearson College London students can sign up to Student Central for FREE and have access to discounted food, concert tickets and many other in-house services such as professional printing, conference rooms, a library and even an opticians.

7. Energy Base Gym

This is a part of Student Central which means the Energy Base Gym can be accessed by all Pearson College London students for just £20 a month (for 12 months)!

8. TFL Student Oyster

Don’t miss out on your chance to travel cheaply around London! The TFL Oyster Card offers 30% off the price of adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets (and you can also link it to your 16-25 railcard)

9. Santander student account (and free railcard)

Did you know that if you sign up with Santander, you not only get the benefits of having a student account, but you also get a 4 year 16-25 railcard for FREE (worth £100).

10. Top Cashback

When using your student discounts to purchase amazing new products, use Top Cashback to save money over time. With each purchase they’ll offer a percentage of the price to be given back to you in cash!

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