Levi's Challenge; make recommendations to the Levi Roots Business Development Club.

Our Ideas

Post Brexit

We believe that for students to gain knowledge about how to succeed globally in our current post Brexit era would be invaluable to their learning and development. If students can learn and understand that the post-Brexit era is not all doom and gloom, they can then seek the opportunities in, what some may consider, a harsh business environment.

Scaling up

50% of start up businesses fail. This statistic suggests that there is a huge demand here for knowledge regarding how to grow a business whilst maintaining a positive cash flow during the beginning phases of the business life cycle. With Levi Roots’ experience, he could offer vital advice to ensure people can manage their assets and finance in the most constructive and efficient way to ensure successful growth.

Sales and Marketing

In the era of the growth of digital technology, it is becoming ever more difficult to know the best place to sell specific products. Sales is absolutely essential as a foundation of a small business and something that is not often taught. With knowledge of all marketing channels available, individuals will then have access to the use of strategies such as direct marketing, which is rarely used but is absolutely essential to some large companies. The idea is to increase awareness of different marketing channels because if students are not aware of them they cannot use them.


A big question for many start up businesses is: how are they going to fund their project? With the right information, students can find the correct way of sourcing the finance required to get their business idea off the ground. However, where we think huge value lies is understanding how they should spend the cash in the most constructive way allowing for their business processes to run smoothly.

Presenting to Levi Roots

I was nervous when we started presenting our ideas to Levis as he is such a successful entrepreneur, however as we progressed I became more relaxed. My nerves were calmed as I realised that Levi was not judging us but genuinely interested in what we had to say and simply is trying to gather thoughts and ideas that he can include in his business development programme in order to help people like us. It was an incredible experience and I feel honoured to have been able to meet Levi and learn about his road to huge success.

Levi Root’s Business Challenge is one of the first challenges that I have taken part in at Pearson College London. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a practical challenge and thinking of ideas that Levi may consider to include into his Business Development Programme. It feels incredibly rewarding. It gave me the opportunity to practice my presenting skills, which I now know need a lot of work! This is a huge benefit for me because I am now more motivated to seek presentation development courses, which is a vital skill to have in all areas of business.

I would like to thank Pearson College London for providing access to this challenge but also Levi for being such an inspiration and giving me the opportunity to develop and learn from his advice and the challenge itself.