I recently took part in a business development challenge for Levi Roots. The challenge was to make recommendations that would be unique to the Levi Roots' Business Developments School in support of the growth and development of student enterprise.

Our Ideas

The topics that we chose to talk about were topics which are commonly faced by businesses today, and topics that will affect them in the future. We chose:
Scaling up
Sales and marketing
Development of digital skills

For example, under the Post-Brexit section, we spoke about how nearly all news publications all highlight everything negative about Brexit. Why isn’t there anyone giving out information on how to make the most out of Brexit? For Finance, we talked about how there should be a guide about where to find the right source of finance and which types of finance would be best for each business, unique to their individual situation. When is the right time to make an enterprise a full-time commitment?

The Presentation

As for presenting, we were caught a little off-guard about our pitch as we were not aware that we had to present our document. So when we were called in we were a little bit shocked, and very unprepared. But we stood up and presented our ideas to Levi and the rest of the groups. It’s safe to it was very, very scary. Trying to fill a full, silent room with your voice is unsurprisingly difficult, even when Levi Roots isn’t sat in it. We got the feedback that our document was very good, however our presentation skills were in need of practice. But hey, that’s something to work on, so we will go away and we will work on it.

This experience has been very useful to us and we have a lot to take away and work on. It is massively encouraging to me that we have been recognised for our hard work, so early on in the year. This will help to spur me on with the rest of my studies, and I look forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.