There are 7.6 billion people in the world, so standing out is not easy. You need a strong CV, you should also show your personality and profile your qualifications and achievements. Adding as much value to your CV as possible will enable you to get noticed and that's when success will come; you will get noticed and that's when success will come.
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So how do you do it?

  1. Make people want to work with you. Now, this may seem obvious, but, if people don't want to work with you, you aren't going to be employed by anyone or make any partnerships. You need to think of unique reasons as to why someone would want to work with you over the next person.
  • Do you come across as approachable and positive?
  • Do you strive to deliver exceptional customer experience? You need to strive to be the best in the industry in order to stand out.
  • Are you knowledgeable? In order to be taken seriously, having knowledge about your industry, knowing your audience, and being on top of current trends, is vital to success.

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  1. Find solutions not problems! Ask yourself: 'what could be improved in the industry?' and then develop a solution to this problem. It is very easy to listen to encouraging opinions and ignore complaints; but dealing with complaints well can help you succeed in business.

  2. Collaborate with someone from another industry. Working with people from other industries is an extremely powerful business building technique. If you have a good support network, you can offer more to clients and stakeholders. It is not uncommon for people with different talents and ideas to come together to create something unique.

  3. Presentation styles in every industry change; what was successful 5 years ago may not work now. To resolve this, you need to create a new way of sharing what you do to gain attention, so make it memorable.

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  4. Combine a new skill with your core talent. This is the perfect way to build on a new skill and relate it to a natural talent i.e. if you acquire a new skill such as learning to deliver high quality presentations, and you have always had a creative talent, you could combine these skills to generate a creative presentation that meets current trends and stands out from the crowd.

Following these 5 steps will help you to take a step back and consider how you can stand out in your industry. Good luck!

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