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Top Reasons to Attend a Taster Day at Pearson Business School

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What are Taster Days?
Taster Days are days that universities (Pearson College London included) put on to give you the opportunity to experience what a typical day at that uni would feel like. Pearson College London put on Taster days that allow you to explore the content on the course and experience being taught in a seminar-style.

It allows you the opportunity to see the differences between other institutions and to see what style of teaching you prefer compared to others and how you feel that the style of teaching would suit you. It also means that you are able to make sure that you are able to make a decision on what you think of the atmosphere of the institution as well.


Also, just like at an open day you will be able to do a Q&A with current students and see what they really think. The nice thing about a taster day compared to an open day is that the size of a taster day is a lot smaller than an open day. That means that people tend to feel a lot more involved and less afraid to ask questions that they may not want to ask in front of a larger audience.

So what are my to reasons to attend?

  • Valuable experience - exploring the course topics

  • Making comparisons - to see what teaching style you prefer

  • Meet the tutors- quiz them about the course and their favourite aspects

  • Asking the right questions - to tutors, to students and the Applicant Advisors who work on the day

  • Getting involved- taking part in the Taster Day is a great example to include in your Personal Statement


Overall, coming along to taster days for the subject(s) you have an interest in studying at university will mean that you are able to make the most informed decision that is possible about where you study and whether that course or place is the perfect fit for you.

Top Reasons to Attend a Taster Day at Pearson Business School
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