Pathways at Pearson College London...

Full-time degrees:

Pearson College London offer a range of degrees in Business Management, Accountancy, Law and Marketing.

I am a current student at Pearson College London studying Business Management with Marketing. I will shortly be approaching the final year of my studies. I originally applied for the Degree Apprenticeship with the BBC (see section 2 for more information), however, I was unsuccessful in the recruitment process, so the BBC kindly passed my name onto Pearson College London for a workshop which resulted in me receiving a fee waiver for my tuition fees.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I was definitely meant for Pearson. Choosing to study here was the best decision i ever made. At Pearson College London you feel part of a family, with all your lecturers and staff actually knowing your name and what type of person you are, this gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Unlike larger universities where you are one in a large group of people. Another major positive of Pearson College London is the industry engagement; in two years I know more about industry expertise than I ever have; this is because the College has provided me with regular talks from professionals in seminars and lectures, industry days and workshops. The College also helped me get that ‘hands on experience’ with an summer internship in the External Relations department, in my chosen area of communications and content. If you do choose a full-time degree at Pearson College London, one bit of advice I would give is to take advantage of the industry engagement opportunities; use it to network with professionals and take any opportunity that gets thrown at you. It will be worth it in the long run!! Trust me.

For more information, visit the Pearson College London website for a list of courses.

Degree apprenticeships:

The Degree Apprenticeship is a new way of achieving a degree. The programme is set out to help professionals gain industry skills in the workplace, as well as receiving a degree in Business Management. Students are required to work four days a week and study one day at Pearson College London. The degree apprenticeships mean that students can earn a salary and their tuition fees are paid in full. There are a number of FTSE 100 companies that participate in the programme, these include; L’Oreal, Moorfields, Pearson, BBC, Red Carnation Hotel and Mondelez.

"Pearson College London is a new type of university that offers a modern style of education. Being able to work alongside learning means that I have the income I need to support my life. The tutors are all excellent and masters in their field. The small classes mean that you get proper one to one time and it really shows through in the grades I have been getting. This kind of education will be the future, there is no need to sit in a room of 300 people and not understand what you are being taught or be too afraid to answer questions. The campus is super modern and in a great location too!" Katie Crossley - Degree Apprentice at Get Gear UK

For more information on degree apprenticeships, visit our website.

Accelerated (2 year) degrees:

Pearson College London also offers accelerated degrees, this gives students the opportunity to condense their three year degree to two years. While full-time university students have an extra long summer of four months (!!), accelerated students work through summer to complete their degree in two years. The level of qualification is the same as full-time degrees and they still have the opportunity to specialise in certain areas, like marketing or finance.

"I was due to study Politics at LSE, but after interning with my local MP I realised that the field of politics was not for me, it was rigid, outdated, and allowed little agency for the individual. My best friend Tasha had recommended Pearson to me a few times while we were still at College, she said it's, "a new way of getting a degree" in an "agile and forward thinking environment". Tasha's description of Pearson was everything I didn't even know I wanted until after doing my politics internship. I applied to the Business Management degree through clearing and travelled down from York for an interview a few days later, then settled into London soon after! I chose to do the accelerated pathway because it gave me more freedom to manage my own time. The course only requires students to be in class for one day a week (including during the summers), obviously there's a lot of work to be done outside of class too, but it's great to be not restricted to a three day week timetable." - Ming Li, Business Management Student, Pearson College London

For more information on accelerated degrees, visit the Pearson College London website.